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Undergraduate Program
1st Year
courseRequired or Electivecreditcourse Required or Electivecredit
Linear AlgebraR3Introduction to Medical Information R3
Introduction to Clinical MedicineR2PhysiologyR2
Object-Oriented Programming (I)R3Discrete MathematicsR3
Computer Architecture and OrganizationR3Introduction to Health Care ManagementR2
Physical Education(I)R0Physical Education(II)R0
Reading and WritingR2English (I)R2
English (Ⅱ)R2The Goal of University EducationR2
Service LearningR0Programming LanguageE3
Introduction to Intelligent Assistive DevicesE3MATLAB ProgrammingE3
The required credits:30
2nd Year
courseRequired or Electivecreditcourse Required or Electivecredit
Objected-Oriented Programming (II)R3Probability and StatisticsR3
Introduction to NetworkR3Data StructureR3
Information Ethics and Intellectual PropertyR2Research MethodsR3
Operating SystemsR3Database System Analysis and DesignR3
Writing Academic PapersR2Physical Education(III)R0
Physical Education(IV)R0Introduction to Image ProcessingE3
Signals and SystemsE3Independent Study(I)E1
Application of InternetE3.NET ProgrammingE3
Management ScienceE3Design and Analysis of AlgorithmsE3
Introduction to Biomedical SignalE3
The required credits:25
3rd Year
courseRequired or Electivecreditcourse Required or Electivecredit
Systems Analysis and DesignR3Management Information SystemsR3
Medical Information ManagementR3Intern R1
Independent Study in Medical Information(I)R1Introduction to BioinformaticsE3
Electronic Health RecordE3Design of Network ProgramsE3
LINUX Operating SystemsE3Service and Operation ManagementE3
Biomedical Data MiningE3Independent Study(II)E1
Healthcare Quality ManagementE3Medical Image ProcessingE3
Programming Language: Design and ImplementationE3Mobile Softwares DesignE3
Human Computer InterfaceE3Interactive Homepage DesignE3
Introduction to Pattern RecognitionE3Database Management SystemE3
Clinical Decision AnalysisE3
The required credits:11
4th Year
courseRequired or Electivecreditcourse Required or Electivecredit
Independent Study in Medical Information(II)R1Discussion in Literature(I)R1
Discussion in Literature(II)R1The required credits:3
Software Project ManagementE3Hospital Management and EvaluationE3
Design and Implementation of Assistive DevicesE3
The required credits:3
The limited graduate credits:128( The required credits:69)
Master Program
courseRequired or ElectivecreditcourseRequired or Electivecredit
Advanced Design and Analysis of AlgorithmsR3Scientific Research and MethodologyR2
Advanced Database SystemsR3Discussion in LiteratureR2
Multivariate Statistical AnalysisE3Design of Accessible User InterfacesE3
Digital Signal ProcessingE3Advanced Biomedical Data MiningE3
Image Database SystemsgE3Biomedical StatisticsE2
Healthcare Quality ManagementE3Structural equation modelingE3
Design and Implementation of Assistive DevicesE3Fuzzy TheoryE3
Pattern RecognitionE3Statistical Analysis and Application Using SASE2
Statistical Analysis and Application Using SPSSE2
The limited graduate credits:30( The required credits:10)
Voice Play